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Let's Talk GPT Packages

Billed Monthly Billed Yearly

Starter Subscription

$4.99 / Month
Includes 1100 messages / month.
Uses ChatGPT v3.5 Turbo.

Standard Subscription

$6.66 / Month
Includes 1750 messages / month.
Uses ChatGPT v3.5 Turbo.

Pro Subscription

$8.33 / Month
Includes 2700 messages / month
Uses ChatGPT v3.5 Turbo.

Pay As You Go

$0.015 / Message
Top up one time and benefit from a non-expiring balance.
Uses ChatGPT v3.5 Turbo

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

1 - Registration

a - Whatsapp

Just chat with us on Whatsapp, an account will be automatically created for you, using your phone number.

b - Telegram

On Telegram, The procedure is a bit different, you have to share your phone number in order to register and sign up.
Pressing on "/login" will add a menu button to your keyboard, Please press it, and Login with phone.

Login with phone on telegram

Your account will be credited 5 free messages for both Whatsapp and Telegram combined.

2 - Activating a paid Package

After finishing your 5 messages free trial, You will be presented with a link to purchase a package for your account.
There are two types of packages: A subscription, and a pay as you go.

  • A subscription provides a fixed number of messages / month, and at the end of your month period, your unused messages will expire.
  • A pay as you go package provides a fixed balance that doesn't expire.

3 - Cancelling a subscription

Cancelling a subscription is a very easy process. All you have to do is send /cancel (the slash is important).
After cancelling your subscription, it will no longer be automatically renewed at the end of your month period.
Your remaining messages can still be used until you reach the end of your month period.

4 - What happens if I don't cancel my subscription?

If you've used all the messages available in your subscription, and you haven't cancelled, you will be billed at the end of your month period
And then you can use the service again.
If you decide you no longer need this service, please make sure to cancel your subscription.
The subscriptions will auto renew even you don't have Whatsapp or Telegram installed.

5 - Can I try LetsTalkGPT for Free?

Yes! Just choose the chatting platform that you want to try, and start chatting with ChatGPT. The first 5 messages are offered for free.

6 - Is my data, like my phone number and chat messages with ChatGPT, safe and protected?

We don't share your phone number with any third party, and we don't share or use your messages with ChatGPT. Your privacy is our top priority!

7 - Can I use LetsTalkGPT on multiple devices?

Yes you can use LetsTalkGPT on different devices on Whatsapp or Telegram, but with the same phone number.

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